Siggie The Vintage Man

Sunday, Oct 1 at 9:10 AM  You got my ears listening Siggie so good.


Friday, Sep 29 at 8:09 PM  A really nice listen here! ...=_=...

Wednesday, Sep 6 at 10:09 AM  Love your music, keep it up

Tuesday, Sep 5 at 8:09 AM  federales daughter -great voice and violin here

Wednesday, Aug 23 at 2:08 PM  Really enjoy your music! You have an awesome vibe! Thanks so much for sharing your talent and musical journey! I am an instant fan!! :)


Wednesday, Jul 19 at 4:07 PM  Great Songs! Great instrumentation Thanks!


Wednesday, Jun 7 at 4:06 AM  Great Music!!!  Positive Vibes ;) 

Jordan E. Spivack

Tuesday, Jun 6 at 11:06 AM  "Federales Daughter" is beautiful!


Friday, Jun 2 at 2:06 PM  Hi Siggie. Enjoying 2 DOGS AND A RED. Great music here! Zerena 


Saturday, May 20 at 1:05 PM   love 2 yaa siggie!! 

Thadeus Project

Sunday, Apr 16 at 3:04 PM   Stopped by for a listen. Bringing support from Chicago. 

Thadeus Project

Friday, Feb 24 at 11:02 AM  Digging the sound my friend. Stay good. g 

John Colella

Wednesday, Feb 22 at 12:02 PM  all great track


Sunday, Feb 19 at 5:02 AM  Cool stuff, Siggie!

the Dean Gray band

Tuesday, Feb 14 at 10:02 AM  Great sound,Siggie-We just been round 'Dead Man's Curve' with you! Rock on,cheers,Dean & the crew 

stephanie slevin

Friday, Feb 10 at 6:02 AM  Coming back around for another listen ' Nice tracks

Alexander McIntosh

Thursday, Feb 2 at 2:02 PM  I want more! Why am I limited to only three tracks ? Great stuff, 

Saturday, Jan 28 at 3:01 PM  yeaaahhhhh old school man!!!!!!!! 

The folk stile, Who does not know, he does not know that WOW can turn into delirium,no??? 
I like the great name : Traffic most die,Bob Dylan ,Neill Young....Respect and i am honored  

Porno Carpa

Thursday, Jan 26 at 5:01 PM  Groovy Times!!!


Thursday, Jan 26 at 12:01 PM  Amazing and respect

Marc Morlock

Thursday, Jan 26 at 9:01 AM  Great "Two Dogs & a Red" To

Bill Y Lee

Tuesday, Jan 24 at 6:01 PM  joyful jam on Booze Cruise...can i get a

Desert Rider

Tuesday, Jan 24 at 1:01 PM  cheers from Italy 

satish aggarwal singer

Saturday, Jan 21 at 5:01 AM

Hi friend. You are amazing.your voice is killing.wao what a presentation

Amanda Pollard

Saturday, Jan 7 at 10:01 AM  love your sound! wishing you the best in 2017! 

Christine Lee

Friday, Dec 9 at 12:12 PM  Two dogs - fun song with a nice groove 

DJ Antonio

Saturday, Oct 22 at 1:10 PM  Brilliant work ...well done

C.T. Spencer

Friday, Oct 21 at 11:10 PM  Booze Cruise ... awesome , are those spoons I hear . 

Nanagen dokusousha

Thursday, Oct 20 at 8:10 AM  Great sound!!

Rick Millward

Sunday, Oct 9 at 4:10 PM  Booze Cruise on the playlist today!

NewTribeZ Radio

Friday, Sep 30 at 8:09 PM  Brilliant tunes ..

Lola Brinton songwriter

Tuesday, Sep 27 at 9:09   I'm a cruising obsessive. Fun song. Sincerely Lola

Fernando Garcin

Tuesday, Sep 27 at 1:09 PM  Great songs! Lovin' When Your Mind Turns Sublime, excellent 

John Blues

Tuesday, Sep 27 at 8:09 AM  Howdy mate, big fat THX for your nice friendship here in space. All the best - John Blues


Saturday, Sep 24 at 3:09 AM  Two-Catchy folk rock tune. ;-D

aka raunitus

Friday, Sep 23 at 7:09 PM  "When your mind turns sublime " awesome! ! Nice songs you have! Nice work & congrats on rank #2!!

The Chad Holloway Band

Monday, Sep 19 at 7:09 AM  Great music, man!